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Ten (10) Portfolio Division Categories
GOE Investment Group has 10 Integrated Division categories built into a vertically integrated value chain creating numerous advantages with operational efficiencies, diversified revenue streams and cross-promotional marketing platforms.
  6.   Renewable Energy Farms
  7.   Commodities & Trade Finance
  8.   Property Management
  9.   General Contractor Construction
10.   Energy Medicine, Alternative Medicine
Affordable Housing
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  Disaster Relief Housing
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  Modular Construction Prefab
Destination Resorts
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Wellness Retreat Health Centers
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Renewable Energy Farms
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Commodities & Trade Finance
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 Property Management
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General Contractor Construction
Multiple Subsidiaries
Multiple subsidiaries that GOEIG has established aligns with strategic goals related to financial, marketing, value chain optimization, and international branding. This capitalizes on strengths, fostering growth and diversification, setting the stage for market dominance and impactful global leadership in real estate and humanitarian developments.

Innovative & Creative  Financing Solutions
We collaborate with tier 1 desks and trade platforms to explore innovative, creative  financing solutions. Through strategic partnerships with the top 20 banks, we tap into their expertise and resources to develop customized financial structures designed to support the creation of affordable housing and humanitarian sustainable projects.

Leveraging Our Partnerships & Expertise
We leverage our partnerships with banks financial consultants expertise, land owner partnerships, developer partnerships, equity partners and resources to develop tailored financial structures.  We integrate equity partnerships and creative financing options to support our mission of promoting sustainable development and social impact. Our collaborations enable us to access a wide range of financing tools and expertise, ensuring the success and sustainability of our initiatives.
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