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The  Garden of Eden Investment Group has created a large international network of Industry leaders and experts in the sustainable, green building materials industry that include strategic partnerships, equity partnerships, technology partnerships, consultants and advisors.   This includes diverse fields of expertise including proprietary hempcrete and lime plaster IP formulations with ongoing University of Sherbrooke research, Concrete block factory engineers, system designers, factory operations managers, the largest hemp hurd and hemp processors/distributors, and green building materials supply chain procurement experts in hemp, adobe, cob, straw bale, rammed earth, ocean freight containers and white block.  The Garden of Eden Investment Group is creating a technology partnership with Besser Concrete Block Machines Manufacturing and World Center For Concrete Technology to engineer, design, build and install the first Hempblock Production factory in USA.  


The Garden of Eden Investment Group is expanding its value chain for the exploration and investigation resources to fund the research and development in a new paradigm of affordable housing residential communities, including Modular Construction Prefab Factory Facilities using AI Robotics technology including engineering, design, building and installation.

RO pic.JPG

Rodger Dewey

Founder, President

Rodger Dewey has a 25 year career as an entrepreneur and business developer working in many diverse industries that include Rogue River Eco Village Development, Transportation, Advertising, Music & TV Production, Recording Studios and Sound Stages.  As a Business Developer, Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, Media Producer, Researcher and Writer, Rodger has unique talents in building Investor Relations, Strategic Partnerships and Multi-Media Content Creation and Corporate Branding that includes Fortune 500 clientele-- Western Airlines, American Dental Association, Loma Linda University, Baxter Pharmaceutical, McDonalds, Pepsi, Mercury Records, Salvation Army, Fred Meyer Department Stores, and Shasta Cola.  Rodger Dewey is known for thinking outside the box and then re-packaging the box taking old ideas, new concepts and imaginative thinking and fashioning them in new ways and with flashes of visionary genius.

Since 1966, Kevin Weiss has led JMH Weiss to be at the forefront of Sustainable/Green development from establishing the Chesapeake Bay Act for water quality management to designing the first Gold LEED certified building in California for the Hewlett Packard Foundation.   With over 31 years of expertise in Real Estate Development, Kevin and his team of engineers and planning experts have secured large scale real estate entitlements with full-service in master planning, site design, sustainable  strategies, civil engineering and construction management.  With over 100 clients and over 4,200 development projects completed, Kevin Weiss continues to serve diverse markets and enterprises throughout the world with any type of real estate development industry including--Infrastructure, Residential, Education, Resort, Healthcare, Institutional, and Energy. Kevin Weiss is a sought after lecturer, keynote and seminar speaker and consultant for sustainable planning.

Kevin Weiss,

Chief Operations Officer 

Jinhong FF.JPG

Jinhong Zhang,

Chief Financial Officer

Jinhong Zhang, MBA, CPA, CGMA, has over 20 years of experience in business and financial planning and management, serving leadership roles as president, CFO, Finance Director, and consultant in a diverse range of business industries including Fortune 500 companies.  Jinhong has managed projects financed by World Bank and Asia Development Bank. With a dedication to supporting entrepreneurs and start-up corporations fulfilling their vision through commitment-based-management and human-and-system-integrity-development, Jinhong has trained over 300 professionals through partnership programs with the Center for Nonprofit Management, American Jewish University, Maharishi University of Management and University of Southern California.  Jinhong Zhang regularly lectures on Innovative Financial Planning; Creating Revolutionary Business Models and Organizing Finances & Systems.

Michael Bennett.JPG

Michael Bennett,

Head of Investor Relations

With an MBA-Finance from Michigan State University, Michael Bennett is a seasoned veteran leader in domestic and international business with proven expertise in investment strategies and market analysis driving growth and success as a CPA, CFO, CEO, and Audit Chair for multiple Board of Directors.  With his diverse background in developing extensive networks and relationships in both business and governmental sectors, particularly in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and China, Michael is an expert in spearheading the development, consulting, and fundraising efforts for diverse projects across multiple industries and geographic regions specializing in cross-border transactions. Michael is a sought after lecturer at California State University-Fullerton, University of Hawaii, Chaminade University, and Chapman University with a successful background facilitating mergers and acquisitions with a specialty in technology companies in pre-IPO, IPO & post stages.

One of the worlds’s top Hempcrete experts and conference speaker, Anthony Neron has expanded his reputation internationally with architects, designers, engineers and builders. Anthony Neron was on the US Hemp Building Association ICC Committee Action Hearing that received ICC building code compliance (International Code Council) in the upcoming 2024 International Residential Code (IRC) for Hempcrete as a green building material in 2024 International Residential Code (IRC). As the CEO of Art Du Chanvre, a Quebec-based Hemp construction & design company, Anthony Neron has completed over 300 hemp-lime construction projects in Canada and developed a technology partnership with University of Sherbrooke that received a government grant conducting research with his proprietary hempcrete formula and lime plaster base and finish coats. Specializing in hemp insulation and lime finishes, Anthony provides technical services for hemp insulation, lime plaster works, design services.

Anthony Neron,

Hempcrete Formulator

Hempcrete Consultant

Helmut Lauff,

Director of European Investor Relations with Switzerland & International European Banks

Helmut pic 2 trim.JPG

Helmut Lauff is a pioneering leader with a Master of Engineering degree from Essen’s Technical University, Essen Germany with over 40 years experience as a veteran CEO leading some of the largest brick manufacturer corporations into successful and profitable expansion in international markets. With his visionary leadership in engineering and manufacturing being responsible for building six manufacturing plants including ownership of his own brick production plants, Helmut has extensive experience in building teams in business startups and creating successful strategies in corporate culture.  From assembling talent and market space creation to producing profitable results and lasting success in North America and Europe, Helmut Lauff is an iconic leader in goal setting, organization, structure, leading change, and value innovation.

DJH pic 7.JPG

With an MBA from Texas Woman’s University and a B.A. in Psychology, Djehuty Se Hotep is a seasoned veteran in business development having worked in a wide range of industries providing fund raising and project management services.  Djehuty’s diversified experience as a CPA Marketing Consultant and VP of Sales & Marketing has earned him the expertise and creative finance skills to use his alter-native asset merchant banking relationships to cultivate strategic partnerships, drive revenue growth, and foster client relationships. Through private investment banking, hedge funds and monetizing gold, fine art, historical assets, precious stones. bonds, and carbon credit commodities in LTV to trade platforms, Djehuty has a proven multifaceted background to acquire financial instruments (BG’s, MTN’s, SBLC’s).  As a historical researcher of ancient African Kamitan Philosophy, Djehuty has adapted spiritual philosophies to his cutting-edge approach in his innovative business development  practices.

Djehuty Se Hotep

Director of Business Development

Anthony Dente.JPG

Anthony Dente is one of the nation’s top sustainable, green building material structural engineers who specializes in building projects utilizing green building materials such as hemp, straw bale, rammed earth, cob, adobe and bamboo.  As an expert in utilizing conventional building materials and green building material, Anthony is on the cutting edge of new green building technologies.  As president of Verdante Structural Engineers, Anthony  works closely with the green building community to develop standards, practices and procedures for green building practices. He is VP of the Cob Research Institute (CRI) and worked closely with US Hemp Building Association and submitted structural engineering data for Hempcrete that was approved for U.S. residential building code by International Code Council (ICC) for 2024 International Residential Code (IRC), which governs U.S. residential building codes making it easier for building departments to provide hempcrete building permits.

Anthony Dente,

Structural Engineer Consultant

Verdant Structural Engineers, President

With 30 years experience in the concrete production industry, Luis Ibarra has an extensive career as a technical and design consultant in concrete factory design including owning his own concrete production factory.  Luis works with Oldcastle AP, the largest manufacturer of architectural building products in North America. As Plant Manager, Superintendent, General Manager Luis has compre-hensive knowledge in concrete product lines, factory design, engineering and develops concrete production factory programs for training, safety, quality control, maintenance, purchasing with extensive training & research in concrete design, development of dry-mix concrete formulation, concrete manufacturing units and Ultra High-Performance Concrete design and application.

Luis Ibarra,

Concrete Factory Consultant

geo 2a.JPG

Geo Dowser is a very unique and brilliant, multi-faceted unique design builder, modular construction consultant, master gardener, heavy equipment operator, master dowser and an expert in Starlink satellite communications technology.   Geo has a 55 year career as a master builder trained by his woodworker grandfather at the age of 10 that transitioned into a career in project management, superintendent, custom design builder for New Jersey home estates, spiritual retreat centers, retail and commercial using modular construction design systems with a speacilty in commercial design and space planning.  As a master gardener & landscape designer trained by his horticulturist father at the age of 6, Geo's passion expanded into sustainable green-building technologies using permaculture de-signs, food forest gardens, hydroponics, rain capture, water harvesting and water recycling systems.

Geo Ober, Master Builder

Modular Construction Consultant

Permaculture Designer

Marsalis Pierce has many creative talents in managing operations in initiation, planning, execution and monitoring phases.  As a mechanical engineer graduate from California State University-Sacramento, Marsalis specializes in alternative energy systems with a diverse and creative background in alternative energy systems, green building support systems, water eco system management in water conservation, water harvesting, rain capture and water recycling systems, including environmental fluid mechanics, HVAC design, and thermal dynamics. Marsalis is continually researching mechanical and industrial systems improvements in solar and geothermal power and every stage of renewable energy development including new energy storage technology including thermo-chemical batteries and solar fuel.

Marsalis Pierce,

Project Management

Charlie Sinha 3.JPG

Charlie Sinha provides a specialized service with a Master of Science in Finance and BS in Electrical Engineering to conduct green building technology market research concerning profitability to define maximum value for shareholders including both short term and long term financial resources and ensuring the objectives of the enterprise are achieved. Charlie reviews and assesses how short term working capital management and long term strategic financial management, and current assets and liabilities can be managed with effective strategic financial management and capital structure management, including capital raising, capital budgeting in corporate finance. From evaluating investment opportunities and financial strategies and financial modeling to creating pitch decks and long form business plans, Charlie has advanced abilities using Excel, Python, CapitalIQ and Refinitiv.

Charlie Sinha
Financial Management
Master of Science in Finance

Tara Pic.JPG

Tara Pelton has a diverse background as a marketing analyst, researcher, writer, chief editor, keynote speaker and education specialist.  As an educator specialist in special education studies from CA State University Northridge, Tara has a profound understanding of the individualized learning and diverse needs to teach children with physical, mental, emotional, and learning disabilities.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tufts University, Tara has held prominent positions as International Survey Chief for Scientology International, Hemet CA; Human Resources Director for Celebrity Center, Manhattan NY; Marketing Director of Infinite Aloe Skincare, Hollywood CA; Chief Editor of The LATEST Magazine, Los Angeles CA. Tara is at the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge AI software for multi-use applications enabling  her to approach marketing research and strategic planning from multiple angles, ensuring comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Tara Pelton

Director of Marketing & Strategic Planning

CHris Simler Pic 1.JPG

Christopher Simler has over 25 years experience as a clinically trained Applied Behavioral Scientist with a BA from National Louis University. He has studied human behavior, sociological impact, patterned behaviors, social & emotional communication disorders. He is an experienced liaison for Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit agencies and national associations. Chris has a diverse background and expanded his career as a professional musician, event planner and concert & event producer. He facilitates classes, seminars and workshops in cognitive therapy, wellness and healing programs, music therapy, drum circles, Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, Meditation, Chakra Healing, Numero-logy, Arch Angels, and Synchronicity.  Chris has toured nationally with bands for over the last 30 years and continues to book regional and national talent for concerts, music festivals, and live events. He works collectively with sponsors, charities, municipalities, non-profits, universities, and business associations producing fund raising events, campaigns and philanthropic enterprises.  

Chris Simler

Festival and Concert Event Producer

Clinically Trained Behavioral Scientist

Rob Karas  has been a practicing architect for over 15 years with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo College of Architecture.  With a specialty on sustainable design and green building construction, Rob is continually researching and problem solving with new designs and methodologies for creating new permaculture techniques and practices in sustainable, green building.  From reducing water, HVAC usage, building materials, reducing carbon footprint of construction projects and using “lean construction, Ron integrates passive design features with orientation, thermal mass, insulation, shading, glazing, skylights, ventilation, air tightness in window, door design, and heat recovery ventilation systems that all work together in a complimentary premaculture design.

Rob Karas, Architect

Leanto Architecture LLC

Rob Karas 2.JPG
todd 5a.JPG

30 year veteran of masonry craftsmanship, Todd Vogt was trained from his father where he started as a hodd carrier hauling stones to the building sites. Advancing his career into apprenticeship programs to becoming a journeyman and union mason, Todd studied and practiced in a diverse range of masonry projects and styles.  Using all the masonry materials from Brick, Rock, Stone, Blocks, Pavers, Todd has built Block construction, structural designs, water features, lakes, ponds, streams, bubblers, fountains, rock gardens, stone pathways in the art of stone placements and integrating other natural elements into masonry hardscape and landscape architecture.  After running his own masonry company, Todd developed a specialty for natural stone landscape masonry and integrating permaculture design systems in Zen Garden designs and Asian architecture using feng sui designs.

Todd Vogt,

Permaculture Design Consultant

Journeyman Mason

Barry Seybert


Real Estate Development Planner

Barry Seybert has an electic background with a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University School of Journalism.  He is an accomplished award-winning Photographer with permanent display at the Smithsonian Institute.   Barry is an accomplished Director of Photography, Video Engineer, Producer with a long career of memberships with National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Society of Television Engineers,  and  Digital Cinema Society.  With an esteemed career in the TV and Film indus-try in Hollywood  CA, Barry is a veteran cinematographer with established working relationships with major Film Studios, Broadcast and Cable TV Networks, TV Stations, and Fortune 500 clientele.   Barry has additional training in architecture and residential urban planning and has been working with investors, businesses and developers in green sustainable developments.

Ken Dickerson.JPG

Ken Dickerson has a diverse background with a Bachelor of Science in TV & Film Production from Northwestern University with over 25 years experience as an executive producer and event producer hiring bands, singer/songwriters, poets, philosophers, authors, presenters, professors and keynote speakers. Ken has produced over 30 international tours and annual event productions including the Eco Farm Conference and Heartland Music and Farm Festival with Santa Cruz, CA-based Ecological Farming Association developing programming, workshops, fundraising, vendors and sponsorships.  Working with countries all over the world that include Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Australia, Italy, England and Wales, Ken specializes in vocational education in organic agribusiness technologies, premaculture design working with farmers, agricultural boards, government representatives, institutes, foundations, agribusiness companies, sponsors. International sponsorships include USDA, Heller Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Organic Farming Research Foundation, UC Cooperative Extension, CA Certified Organic Farmers, Soil Association, Italian & Australian Agriculture ministries.

Ken Dickerson

Festival & Event Producer

Grant Writer & Financial Strategies

pic d.JPG

With a BS from University of Auckland, New Zealand and a M.Sc. in Geohydrology from Primary Water Institute in CA, Jeremy is a visionary field scientist who merges inter-disciplinary sciences of Hydrology, Geology, Botany, Geophysics, Environmental Science, Soil Science, and Geographical Information Systems as a Water Exploration Specialist.  With 8 years of post grad research with legendary Pal Pauer’s Primary Water Institute in CA, Jeremy is a pioneering geohydrologist in primary water exploration in multiple continents. Jeremy Christian is also a real estate investor, developer with specialties in Rehabilitation and Affordable Housing development projects dedicated to improving housing-related issues, enhancing living conditions, and promoting social and economic stability within communities.  Jeremy's passion for combining hydrogeology and real estate developments reflects in his commitment to environmental sustainability in community development. He champions rural development promoting responsible water management practices and advocates for inclusive urban and rural planning strategies that prioritize land stewardship with economic growth.

Jeremy Christian


Real Estate Developer

Stategic Consultants

Ryan Doherty,

US Hemp Building Assn, VP

Hemp Supply Chain Consultant

Hemp Ventures, CEO

Ryan Doherty.JPG

Ryan Doherty is VP of US Hemp Building Association and served as Director of the Hemp Supply Chain Committee for USHBA that received ICC building code compliance (International Code Council) for Hempcrete as a green building material in 2024 International Residential Code (IRC).  Ryan Doherty is one of the nations top experts as an analyst and consultant in Hemp supp[y chain procurement.  Experienced in supply chain operations, production planning, inventory management, new product development, logistics, and integrated business process management, Ryan excels in teaching and lecturing in new applications for Hemp building materials in existing product lines.  As CEO for Hemp Ventures, he also develops new hemp-based products and processes for material production and has unyielding drive to build profitable hemp fiber supply chain in North America. 

Duane Rondeau.JPG

Duane Rondeau has been working as VP of Engineering & Technical Sales at Besser for 17 years and is now Director of Development.  Besser is a leading concrete machinery manufacturing company that started in 1920 making machines and parts for the masonry, hardscape, pipe and precast markets of the concrete industry. The Besser company was formed in 1904 and is based in Alpena, MI.  Duane Rondeau is the liaison for developing  joint technology partnerships with Besser and World Center for Concrete Technology (WCCT).  Besser Foundation donated a Concrete Block Production System to the WCCT and works closely with the World Center For Concrete Technology in R & D, engineering, ASTM testing for new ICC certifications, and new mix designs.

Duane Rondeau,

Director of Besser Business Development

Dawn Stone manages and oversees many operations and programs as the Director of the World Center For Concrete Technology (WCCT).  It is a state-of-the-art-facility offering training, education, research, testing for the concrete products industry. WCCT is located on the campus of Alpena College providing leadership, advancement, and mastery of concrete technology through education, training, research, testing, information management, and communications.  WCCT has received grant money from the National Science Foundation and received a state-of-the-art concrete block production facility system donated by the Besser Foundation.   WCCT has ASTM certification testing and works with ACM Chemistries to enable technology partnership research, patents in new mix designs, engineering, chemical engineering including new testing equipment to meet ASTM testing protocols.

Dawn Stone,

Director of the WCCT

World Center for Concrete Technology

Dean of Workforce Development at Alpena College

Cameron McIntosh 2.JPG

Cameron McIntosh

Americhanvre Cast Hemp, President

PA Hemp Industry Council, Director

Cameron McIntosh is the one of the top experts in Hempcrete spray applications and is president and founder of Americhanvre Cast Hemp that has imported and distributed over 200,000 pounds of industrial hemp hurd for hempcrete construction.  Americhanvre  provides full-service hempcrete operations from insulation installation and manufacturer of cast hemp objects and building materials, full-service installation for new builds & retrofits, project management, workshop hosting for trades-hows, fundraisers,  hempcrete technician training.  Cameron has also created a technology part-nership with EZG manufacturing to produce the hardware for the EREASY System engineered for a consistent spray of hempcrete  built for craftsman and technicians.  He is the Director for the PA Hemp Industry Council and on the board of directors for the US Hemp Building Association and PA-based, All Together Now and serves as the Hemp Supply Chain Coalition Advisor.

will 2.JPG

Wilford Fidroeff is a veteran Illinois-based designer and home builder with over 45 years experience.  He specializes in building biodomes and has created his Econodome company that provides a niche DIY dome home kit service.  With 8 models of 10-sided DIY dome home building kits available, each kit comes with pre-cut frames and triangle panels that are partially assembled. Each DIY biodome kit is cut to fit precisely with no additional work required. The wood comes with pre-drilled holes for stainless steel screws and caps make it easy to assemble with detailed instructions to build an affordable biodome home. There are different biodome design and material options to choose from including single and 2-story floor plans, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom on the first floor, bedrooms on 2nd floor,  half-bath, home office, studio, extra storage options, interior/exterior finishing, color options, hurricane panels, ventilation/HVAC options.

Wilford Fidroeff

BioDome Hempcrete Consultant

Econodome, President

The Garden of Eden Investment Group is expanding its value chain for the exploration and investigation resources to fund the research and development of a Modular Constructed 3D Hempcrete Printed Homes Factory Facility including engineering, design, building and installation.

US Hemp Assn 1.JPG
DuChanvre 1.JPG
university of sh.JPG
Hemp ind.JPG
Pinal County 3.JPG
Maricopa chamber of Commerce.JPG
smarthome 1.JPG
Hemp homes 2.JPG
Rogue River Eco Village.JPG
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The Garden of Eden Investment Group is dedicated to sustainable, green-building  developments

Green-Built Homes Technology

Green-Built Home Technology is Green Construction or greener building options that use permaculture design principles that integrate human activity with natural surroundings to create highly efficient self-sustaining ecosystems.   Green-Built homes are environmentally accountable and resource-efficient in the home’s life cycle from planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition.  Green-Built Home Technology uses the following:

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