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Garden of Eden Investment Group is always interested to explore opportunities that strengthen our value chain and supply chain with strategic partners, consultants, strategic alliances, analysts and advisors that can expand into technology partnerships, and equity stake partnerships.  We welcome private share-holders, angel investors, venture capitalists, P2P lending, institutional investors, personal investors, private equity investors, active & passive investors, crowd funding campaign partners, real estate devel-opers and land owners.

North America Hemp Hurd Supply Chain Shortages

There is no large USA supply chain for Hemp Hurd and Hemp Bast Fiber processing because there are presently only 4 decortication plant facilities in USA that include South Dakota, Montana, Missouri  and Kansas.  The consumer demand in North America is high for industrial hemp hurd and Hemp bast fiber products and  supply chains are still in their infancy. 

Hempblock products are imported from Canada, Europe and Australia because there is no Hemp Block Production Factory in USA.  processed hemp products required for manufacturing currently being imported.  At the heart of the problem is the lack of industrial hemp processing plants. While farmers are interested in growing the crop in many instances, specialized technologically-advanced hemp processing facilities are needed to produce high-value products. Currently, there is a production gap in connecting farmers with high-value markets, due to the lack of technological infrastructure available in the market.

Please fill out the EOI Form below if you are interested to discuss investments, joint venture, collaborations, think-tank, review options to work with Garden of Eden Investment Group development projects.  Sustainable green-built development projects include Eco Villages, Hempcrete and Hempblock Modular Construction Pre-Fab Factory Homes, Wellness & Healing Centers, Animal Sanctuaries, Food Forest Gardens integrated into Tiny Home Villages with Sustainable Green-Built Permaculture Designs and Sustainable Landscape Architecture.

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