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2.   Off-Grid Disaster Relief Housing

Temporary Housing for Family, Workforce, Command Center, Medical, Guard for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development.  USACE (USA Corps of Engineers), Military, United Nations, Salvation Army, 3rd world countries.


  • Division:  Disaster Relief Humanitarian Services

  • Subsidiary:  Specializes in disaster response for different geographical areas or types of Disasters (e.g. Hurricanes, Earthquakes,  Tsunamis, Fires, Wars)

  • Vertical Integration into Value Chain: Provides a critical service during emergencies, aligning with the

        corporate brand commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.


  • Benefits:  Positive public relations with government contracts, diversified revenue streams; high demand during crises, opportunity for rapid scalability, ability to leverage existing infrastructure.

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