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3.   Sustainable, Green Building Prefab Modular Construction Factories

Tiny Homes, Modular Homes, Ocean Container homes, ADU Homes, Modular, All Electric Apartments, Manufactured Homes; 40 ft and 20 ft ocean container automated hydroponic wall system modular farms, Green Roof Assembly Plant, Hemp Wood SIP panels, Bioceramic Domes, Modular Straw Bale Panel Factory, Bamboo Prefabrication Factory, Hemp Batteries Factory, EE System Plant, Technology Campuses using modular robotics, smart chips, AI with human cognition interpretation


  • Division:  Sustainable Green Construction Factory Solutions


  • Subsidiary: Focus on different aspects of modular construction (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial) or different geographic markets


  • Vertical Integration into Value Chains: Ensures all housing developments in portfolio adhere to sustainability standards; strategic partnerships with PMCF’s, Robotics, AI Smart Chips/Human Cognition Interpretation


  • Benefits: Expands sustainable living brand reputation, QC as a leader in green construction with innovations in robotics construction technology, government incentives, scalability of modular construction.

The World's First Prefab Modular Construction Technology Campus
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Community Developments built with PMC Technology Campus Factories

Mixed Housing Community Developments

Single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, condo’s


Dividing larger tract into smaller lots for construction homes

Master-Planned Community

Comprehensive development that includes residential, commercial, recreational, and educational components

Green Community

Emphasizes sustainable and eco-friendly practices in design, construction, and maintenance

Eco-Village Community

Emphasizes ecological sustainability, green building practices, renewable energy, permaculture design, communal agriculture

Urban Infill Development

Utilizes vacant or underutilized land within existing urban areas for new residential construction

Leisure/Resort Community

Combines residential living with resort-style amenities and recreational facilities

Inclusionary Zoning Development

Includes a mix of market-rate and affordable housing units as required by local zoning regulations

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Residential, commercial, recreational spaces, common areas

Affordable Housing Developments

Affordable housing for lower incomes individuals & families

Gated Community

Residential development with controlled access featuring

security measures, gates and fences

Active Adult Community (55+ Community)

Designed for residents aged 55 and older, featuring amenities and services tailored to an active lifestyle

Tiny Home Community

Features small, minimalist homes, often with shared amenities and a focus on sustainable living

Rural Residential Development

Developments located in rural or countryside settings featuring larger lots and a focus on nature

Senior Living Community

Designed to cater to the needs and preferences of senior citizens, offering various levels of healthcare services

Municipal-Owned Housing Development

Developments owned or operated by local government entities to address specific housing needs.

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