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The Garden Of Eden Investment Group is in develop-ment to design, engineer, build and install the first hempblock factory facility in United States. Integrating sustainable green building hemp hurd supply chain in South Dakota and Arizona will enable vertically integrated growth from cultivation, processing, and sales to be scalable to regional and national distribution channels. 

Secure Sustainable Solutions

for a more secure sustainable


first hempblock factory in USA
Welcome to a New Paradigm of Sustainable Living: GOEIG  Affordable Housing Communities & Eco-Villages
GOE Investment Group is pioneering a unique paradigm of green, sustainable living, mixed-use affordable housing communities and eco-villages integrated with permaculturally designed forest gardens, community gardens, edible landscapes, event center, organic pasture-fed animals, community center with commercial kitchen and performance stage for multi purpose community events, activities and services.

Unveiling a revolutionary approach to modern living, GOEIG community developments stands as pioneers in the creation of a harmonious blend of sustainability and community living.  Our residential communities employ a holistic approach to integrative engineering that redefine living spaces, embodying a unique community that integrates proprietary permaculture designs. 
Join Us on a Journey to Redefine Community Living
Join us on a journey to redefine living – where sustainability meets luxury, and community bonds are nurtured. GOEIG Eco-Villages are not just homes; they are the future of mindful living.  Community Centers are the heartbeat of the community.
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GOE Investment Group is dedicated to community self-sustainability with renewable energy, organic food produc-tion, and responsible water consumption. Our eco-friendly mixed-use developments aligns perfectly with the growing global demand for sustainable living spaces.
 Integrated Sustainability Features
  • Solar powered renewable energy, achieving zero net energy consumption


  • Organic food production  with community gardens, mixed fruit and nut trees, community food market

Community Facilities
  • Discover the heartbeat of community life in our thoughtfully designed event center


  • Multi-purpose community center with a performance stage for community events, and activities

Environmental Stewardship
  • Community self-sustainability through permaculture designs and integrative engineering


  • Responsible water management, minimal impact on local ecosystems and promoting ecological balance

Our eco-village communities serve as models of environmental responsibility with economically and socially sustainable places for residents to thrive. This integrative engineering holistic approach brands GOEIG as a leader in the development of eco-conscious communities.
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Mixed Use Eco Village with Community Center, Community Gardens, Community Market, Community Center with Stage

Mixed Use Sustainable Green Building Homes & Apartments

Renewable Energy Solar System
Community Full-Season Gardens
​Community Market
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Community Center with Performance Stage
Permaculture Landscape Design Smart Irrigation Systems
High Efficiency Water System
Water Purification Systems
Green Waste Management
Car Free Community

Walkable Community  Design

Shared Electric Buggies, Gold Carts with Free Stations

Animal Sanctuary-- Chicken, Goats, Horses

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Vessel Technologies All-Electric Prefab Apartment  Integrates Automotive, Aircraft, and Nautical Engineering Technologies

Sustainable fire-resistant green building materials

100% electric solar panels affixed to rooftop delivers all Power

Prefab Modular Construction manufacturing processes

Prefabricated wall, flooring and ceiling components

Limits the construction waste, overflowing dumpsters

Proprietary recyclable wall panel system that uses no paint

Paint-free, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial surfaces

5’ x 9’, triple-glazed windows

Structural system withstands massive wind & seismic loads

Rooftop Sunnova™ solar arrays

Stairs & OTIS™ elevator system

Hot water/ heat pump water heater


Garden of Eden Decortication Facility

Garden of Eden Hemp Train Decortication Facility

The first Stage One of  production is  an on-site state-of-the-art HempTrain decorticator with patented kinetic separation technology system from Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp that separates round and square baled hemp straw into high-volume, high-value Hemp Hurd

Garden of Eden Hempblock Production Factory

Garden of Garden Hempblock Production Factory

The 2rd Stage is the on-site automated Bessser Hempblock  production system that can make 18,000 8" x 12" x 16" hemp blocks per day.  The inventory is palletized and then transferred to open sided ware-house for curing, storage and fulfillment

Garden of Eden Modular Constructed   Hempblock Homes Factory

GOE Modular Constructed

 Hempblock Homes Factory

The 3rd stage involves Modular Home Con- struction Factory with Tiny Homes and manu-factured homes Factory where all the differ-ent home sections-- exterior walls, interior walls, roof, flooring are constructed in factory, delivered by truck and assembled by crane.

  Garden of Eden Modular Constructed 3D Hempcrete Printed Homes

  GOE Modular Constructed 3D    Hempcrete Printed Homes

The 4th stage involves Modular Constructed 3D Hempcrete Printed Homes Factory with Tiny Homes and Manufactured Homes Production. All the different home sections-- exterior walls, interior walls, roof, flooring are constructed in factory, delivered by truck, assembled by crane.


National Hump Hurd Supply Chain

1.  Expanding Green Building Supply  

     Chains into Regional Networks

Developing Hemp Hurd Technology Partnerships

2.  Increasing Technology & Strategic        

     Partnerships, Investor Relations

Developing Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks

3.  Scaling Sustainable, Green-Built Homes

     Into National Distribution Sales Networks       

National Hump Hurd Supply Chain
Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks
Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks
Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks
Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks
Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks
Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks
Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks
Green-Built Homes National Sales Networks

Garden of Eden Investment Group is Building Vertically Integrated, Sustainable Green Building Supply Chain Businesses That Hire Locally, Buy Locally and Build Locally providing solutions to:

Boost Local Economies

Create Green Building Industry Jobs

Provide Affordable Housing

Improve and Expand Investor Relations

Develop Sustainable Green-Built Eco Villages

Increase Educational Programs in Sustainable Living

Expand Technology and Strategic Partnerships

Advance Agribusiness Technologies

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